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Land Loss Prevention Project

  Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
  Land Loss Prevention Project
  North Carolina A&T State University & North Carolina State University
  North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  Operation Spring Plant
  Rural Southern Voice for Peace
  Southern Rural Development Initiative

Program Description
The LLPP is a non-profit law firm based in North Carolina that addresses legal and economic problems associated with the decline of family farmers and minority landowners. LLPP provides legal assistance to low-income landowners who are in danger of losing their homes and businesses because of massive debt and economic burdens, discrimination, environmental problems and encroaching development. We work with other organizations to improve the economic health of rural communities.

Savi Horne
Land Loss Prevention Project,
P.O. Box 179,
Durham, NC 27702.
Phone: (919) 682-5969 or
Fax: (919) 688-5596


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