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New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

  Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture
  The Flats Mentor Farm Project
  Growing New Farmers
  Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture
  New Entry Sustainable Farming Project
  Organic Trade Association
  The New England Small Farm Institute
  The Organic Foods Production Association of North America
  University of Massachusetts

Project Description
Founded in 1998, the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (NESFP) helps immigrants and refugees with agricultural backgrounds to establish agricultural enterprises in Massachusetts. NESFP provides a comprehensive strategy that includes finding farmland, providing training and technical assistance, and facilitating effective marketing strategies for smallscale producers. In 2005, NESFP assisted more than 35 farm families on over 40 acres of farmland, includingfive training sites,across Eastern Massachusetts.

A guide to Asian Vegetables

Hugh Joseph, NESFP Director
Phone: (617)-636-3788

Jennifer Hashley, NESFP Coordinator,
Phone: (617) 636-3793,


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