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In addition to maritime and continental climates already mentioned there are many others, including the Mediterranean climate (as found in southern parts of Europe, California, South Africa, Australia and central Chile) that is typifi ed by hot dry summers and mild winters. The characteristics of a range of the world climate types are given in Table 2.4. Plants native to these other areas can present a challenge for those wishing to grow them in the British Isles. To some extent plants are tolerant, but care must be taken when dealing with the plant’s degree of hardiness (its ability to withstand all the features in the climate to which it is exposed). Plant species that originated in sub-tropical areas (such as south-east China and USA) tend to be vulnerable to frosts and those from tropical and equatorial regions are most commonly associated with growing under complete protection such as in conservatories and hothouses.

A summary of some of the world climates
Table 2.4 A summary of some of the world climates