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Developing Innovations in Navajo Education

  Arizona Department of Agriculture
  Developing Innovations in Navajo Education
  Dine College
  University of Arizona

Program Description
Dine', Inc. is a Navajo owned non-profit corporation operating in the southwest region of the Navajo Nation. Dine', Inc. has supported Navajo farmers through education, direct agricultural services, and training for ten years. The organization provides plowing, planting and irrigation equipment and services on a cooperative basis to Navajo and Hopi farmers. Corn grinding services are provided at cost to Navajo and Hopi farmers. Currently, Dine', Inc. is managing a laptop computer network of Navajo farmers utilizing FINPACK farm financial management software developed by the University of Minnesota. Fifty Navajo farmers have been trained in the use of this financial management tool to enable them to project costs and set financial strategies for their small farms. Dine', Inc. also operates a high school emphasizing agricultural vocational training and was instrumental in establishing the first comprehensive satellite Internet connection for all 110 communities of the Navajo Nation.

Dr. Kyril Calsoyas,
9975 Chestnut Road,
Flagstaff, AZ 86004.


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