Artificial methods of propagation


Plant propagation
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  Sowing and aftercare in protected environments
  Sowing in the open
  Vegetative propagation
  Characteristics of propagation from vegetative parts
  Natural vegetative propagation
  Artificial methods of propagation
  Budding and grafting
  Tissue culture

The artificial methods of vegetative propagation encompass most organs of the plant. Cuttings are parts of plants that have been carefully cut away from the parent plant, and which are then used to produce a new plant. Many species can be propagated in this way. Different methods may be necessary for different species. Only healthy parent plants should be used. Hygienic use of knives, compost and containers is strongly recommended. Cuttings are normally taken from parts of the plant exhibiting juvenile growth. Below is a brief description of the most common methods used for taking cuttings.