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  Section: Plant Protocol Environmental Science Methodology
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Environmental Science Methodology

Topics coming under:

Important Information
Reagents and Media
Solids in Water
Turbidity of Water
Alkalinity of Water
Hardness of Water
pH of Water
Chloride in Water
Iron and Manganese in Water
Sulphate and Sulphide in Water
Optimum Coagulant Dosage
Dissolved Oxygen in Water
B.O.D of Wastewater
Chlorine in Bleaching Powder
Residual Chlorine
Coliforms in Water
Ammonia Nitrogen
Nitrate Nitrogen
Nitrite Nitrogen
Kjeldahl Nitrogen
Fluoride in Water
Acidity of Water
COD in Water
Oil and Grease in Water
Odour in Water
Colour in Water


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