Crossing over and meiosis

Linkage and Crossing Over in Diploid Organisms (Higher Eukaryotes)
Coupling and repulsion hypothesis
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Crossing over and meiosis 
Crossing over and chiasma formation
Mechanism of genetic recombination
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Recombination frequencies from a test-cross
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Interference and coincidence
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Mapping function and poisson distribution
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Cytological basis of crossing over
Creighton and McClintock's experiment in corn
Meselson and Weigle's experiment using lambda (λ) phage
Crossing over at four strand stage

Crossing over or recombination actually results from exchange of chromosome segments which is believed to take place during prophase I of meiosis. During prophase I of meiosis, homologous chromosomes are brought together during synapsis at zygotene. Each chromosome also divides longitudinally into two chromatids at this stage. At pachytene, chromatids exchange segments. Homologous centromeres then start separating away from one another (terminalization) and figures of chiasmata are theTesult and not the cause of crossing over.