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Farm Service Agency

  Agricultural Marketing Service
  National Organic Program
  Agricultural Research Service
  Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Small farm program
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
  Economic Research Service
  Farm Service Agency
  Food and Nutrition Service
  Foreign Agricultural Service
  Forest Service
  National Agricultural Statistics Service
  Natural Resources Conservation Service
  National Office of Outreach
  Risk Management Agency
  Rural Development
  U.S. DHHS: Office of Refugee Resettlement
  University of the District of Columbia

Program Description
FSA has an array of programs to assist small farmers/ranchers to be viable operators. From the beginning farmers program to the youth program, the Agency can afford a new and young, as well as experienced farmer, a foundation to a successful career in agriculture production, marketing, and alternative enterprises.

Through its farm ownership and operating loans, Conservation Reserve Programs, and support payment programs FSA is unmatched in providing financial assistance to the Nation's small farmers who are unable to qualify for commercial credit. The Agency provides up to date information to these small farmers through a comprehensive outreach program. Through this outreach program, farmers are introduced to services provided by other USDA and non-USDA agencies, as well as, the nomination, election, and decision making processes of the County Committee.

Jorge Comas
Small Farm Coordinator
USDA-Farm Service Agency,
1400 Independence Ave. SW, Stop 0511,
Washington, DC 20250-0511.
Phone: (202)690-1700
Fax: (202) 690-4727


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