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Foreign Agricultural Service

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Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
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  University of the District of Columbia

Market Development Programs
FAS programs help U.S. exporters develop and maintain markets overseas for hundreds of food and agricultural products, from bulk commodities to brand-name items.

Export Programs
USDA has traditionally used export programs to foster sales in markets where the competitiveness of U.S. products is impeded by subsidized products from other countries. These programs are designed to expand and maintain foreign markets for U.S. agricultural commodities while helping developing nations make the transition from concessional financing to cash purchases.

Commercial Export Financing
FAS provides U.S. agricultural exporters with short- and intermediate-term commercial financing support through Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) export credit guarantee programs. The Supplier Credit Guarantee Program (SCGP) guarantees payments on promissory notes from importers for a percentage of the face value up to 180 days. The Facility Guarantee Program (FGP) provides payment guarantees to facilitate the financing of U.S. goods and services exported to improve or establish agriculture-related facilities in emerging markets.

International Development
FAS enhances U.S. agriculture's competitiveness by providing linkages to world resources and international organizations and building a spirit of cooperation.
Looking to increase sales and expand your customer base? Exporting may be the answer! Selling to overseas markets is a lucrative activity for many U.S. companies and all of them began by researching, planning and making critical decisions.
FAS has many resources, products, and services that can help your company explore the potential for international sales. Whether a beginning or experienced exporter, USDA-FAS Exporter Assistance benefits small and medium-sized companies!

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