Cytomorphology and Ultrastructure

Cytomorphology and Ultrastructure
  Outside the Cell
    - Type 1: Simple Cell Membrane
    - Type 2: Cell Surface with Additional Extracellular Material
      - Mucilages and Sheaths
      - Scales
      - Frustule
      - Cell Wall
      - Lorica
      - Skeleton
    - Type 3: Cell Surface with Additional Intracellular Material in Vesicles
    - Type 4: Cell Surface with Additional Extracellular and Intracellular Material
      - First Level
      - Second Level
      - Third Level
The description of the algal cell will proceed from the outside structures to the inside components. Details will be given only for those structures that are not comparable with analogue structures found in most animals and plants. The reader is referred to a general cell biology textbook for the structure not described in the following.