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Cell and Tissue Culture: Associated Techniques

General Techniques

Culture of Specific Cell Types: Stem Cells

Culture of Specific Cell Types: Haemopoietic, Mesenchymal, and Epithelial

Differentiation and Reprogramming of Somatic Cells


Somatic Cell Hybrids

Cell Separation Techniques

 ⇒ Separation and Expansion of Human T Cells
 ⇒ Separation of Cell Populations Synchronized in Cell Cycle Phase by Centrifugal Elutriation
 ⇒ Polychromatic Flow Cytometry I
 ⇒ High-Speed Cell Sorting

Cell Cycle Analysis

Cytotoxic and Cell Growth Assays


Assays of Cell Transformation, Tumorigenesis, Invasion and Wound Healing

Electrophysiological Methods

Organ Cultures


Growth and Purification of Viruses


Production and Purification of Antibodies



Organelles and Cellular Structures

Isolation: Plasma Membrane, Organelles, and Cellular Structures

 ⇒ Detergent-Resistant Membranes and the Use of Cholesterol Depletion
 ⇒ Isolation and Subfractionation of Plasma Membranes to Purify Caveolae Separately from Lipid Rafts
 ⇒ Immunoisolation of Organelles Using Magnetic Solid Supports
 ⇒ Purification of Rat Liver Golgi Stacks
 ⇒ Isolation of Rough and Smooth Membrane Domains of the Endoplasmic Reticulum from Rat Liver
 ⇒ Purification of COPI Vesicles
 ⇒ Purification of Clathrin-Coated Vesicles from Bovine Brain, Liver, and Adrenal Gland
 ⇒ Isolation of Latex Bead- and Mycobacteria-Containing Phagosomes
 ⇒ Isolation of Peroxisomes
 ⇒ Isolation of Mitochondria from Mammalian Tissues and Cultured Cells
 ⇒ Subcellular Fractionation Procedures and Metabolic Labeling Using [35S] Sulfate to Isolate Dense Core Secretory Granules from Neuroendocrine Cell Lines
 ⇒ Preparation of Synaptic Vesicles from Mammalian Brain
 ⇒ Prep aration of Proteasomes
 ⇒ Preparation of Cilia from Human Airway Epithelial Cells
 ⇒ Isolation of Nucleoli
 ⇒ Purification of Intermediate-Containing Spliceosomes
 ⇒ Isolation of Cajal Bodies
 ⇒ Replicon Clusters: Labeling Strategies for the Analysis of Chromosome Architecture and Chromatin Dynamics
 ⇒ Isolation of Chromosomes for Flow Analysis and Sorting

Vital Staining of Cells/Organelles

Protein Purification


Endocytic and Exocytic Pathways



Nuclear Transport

Chromatin Assembly

Signal Transduction Assays

Assays and Models of in Vitro and in Vitro Motility

Mechanical Stress in Single Cells

Imaging Techniques

Light Microscopy

Digital Video Microscopy

Confocal Microscopy of Living Cells and Fixed Cells

Fluorescent Microscopy of Living Cells

Use of Fluorescent Dyes for Studies of Intracellular Physiological Parameters

Digital Image Processing, Analysis, Storage, and Display

Electron Microscopy

Specimen Preparation Techniques


Electron Microscopy Studies of the Cytoskeleton

Immunoelectron Microscopy

Scanning Probe and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Scanning Probe and Scanning Electron Microscopy


Tissue and Chromosome Microdissection

Tissue Arrays

Tissue Arrays

Cytogenetics and in Situ Hybridisation


In Situ Hybridisation



Transgenic, Knockouts, and Knockdown Methods

Transgenic, Knockouts and knock-down methods

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